29 N Howell Street 517-437-7758

1st Judicial Circuit Court, State of Michigan

Honorable Sara Lisznyai, Circuit Court Judge


Court Administrator - Chelsea Lambright

Court Recorder - Tara Ruble


Telephone: (517) 437-4321

1st Judicial Circuit Court Office Information

Hillsdale County Courthouse
29 N. Howell St.
Room 6
Hillsdale, MI 49242

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


The Michigan Supreme Court implemented Administrative Order 2020-6 (April 7, 2020) which gave authority to judicial officers to conduct proceeding remotely. 

You may contact the court to receive your Notice of Hearing and Remote Participation.

  • Download and become familiar with the program (Zoom, WebEx, etc) being used for the hearing, and test the video, microphone, and speaker controls.
  • If you are having technical issues, please review any technical support provided by the program or application.
  • Find a space that will have as few interruptions as possible. If you will be using video, make sure there is good lighting.
  • The remote court hearing is a court proceeding and therefore an extension of the courtroom — appropriate conduct and attire is required. The judge has control over the proceedings and participants as if they were present in the actual courtroom.
  • The information on the Notice of Hearing with Remote Participation form to join the remote hearing may only be used by you to participate in the hearing.